Mission Van Zandt (formerly Stonepoint Serves) is a weekend each year that we strategically think of ways to serve those around us.  Our goal as believers is not to GO TO CHURCH, but TO BE THE CHURCH and a weekend of serving in Wills Point, Edgewood and our surrounding areas helps us remind us that the church is a people displaying Christ beyond the walls of a building.

On the Sunday before Memorial Day, we will have a brief gathering to sing, fellowship, and celebrated God's goodness; and then go out as teams into the community to be the hands and feet of Jesus to people in need. It's a great opportunity to meet and work with people you don't normally interact with, make new friends, and more importantly SERVE people, meeting tangible needs that they are unable to do themselves.

In the past we've built wheelchair ramps, painted and re-roofed homes, removed brush and debris, mowed parks, patched potholes and scraped gum from underneath nasty school desks. We've got more of the same fun on the docks this year, so come join us!

Come wearing your grubby clothes, bring work gloves, water bottles and let's work together to make this area a better place to live.