The 'Strengthening Your Family Tree' sermon series exists for the purpose of equipping and empowering you to make disciples in and through your home this Fall and Winter! As parents, we get 18 Thanksgivings and Christmases with our kids before they leave our home and our hope is that every family at Stonepoint Church makes the most of those opportunities for things that will last forever. 

We've put together a Guide to help "Strengthen Your Family Tree". The Family Tree Guide Book (available below) is to help serve as a simple tool for the upcoming month. In it you will find a specific schedule of "challenges and activities" for your family to participate in during the next 30 days. This guide provides a multitude of creative ideas to strengthen your family. Whether you use this as a step-by-step guide through the month of November or as a general guide to help you craft a unique plan for your family, our prayer is that this will be a useful tool for you use to as you shepherd your family this month.

We hope these might become new traditions that transform your hearts, heads, and hands as you guide your children or grandchildren for God’s Kingdom. 


However your family chooses to participate in the "Strengthening Your Family Tree" Challenge, our prayer is that you will not come to the end of the next two months and say, "We wasted it!" Take this simple plan, tweak it to serve the needs of your family, and make memorable moments together as you rest, grow, play and serve together. If you're the social media type, you can post pictures on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #WateringMyTree so that others can be encouraged.

Our prayer is that God might use the next couple of months to nurture the faith of your family so that you all rest in His sovereignty, serve for the glory of the King, grow in your love for the Savior and delight together in the joy of the Lord.