In the Fall of 2010, thirteen people met in a home in Edgewood, Texas to discuss what a modern New Testament church should look like. Pastor Brandon Bachtel had been given a clear direction from God that he and his wife Kelley were to plant a church, and after much prayer and deliberation, decided that Wills Point was the place where God was leading them. Over the next few months, a ‘launch team’ was formed and three preview services were held in Early 2011. 

Stonepoint Church officially launched in April of that year, and had 252 people at our first Easter service the following week. Though the team was excited, the reality was that summer was around the corner and numbers would fall quickly.  They did!  However, people kept visiting and God kept changing lives.  As a result, Stonepoint has become one of the fastest growing churches in our area.

Over the past five and a half years, over 300 men, women and children have come to faith in Christ at Stonepoint, many of them through family, friends and neighbors simply sharing the story of what God is doing in their lives. We believe that our people should be the ministers and our staff does its best to equip them to share their faith, doing life with others…some of whom would never be comfortable sitting down and talking to a pastor.

One of our slogans is “No Perfect People Allowed” and we go to great lengths to make sure everyone feels welcome at Stonepoint, from the moment they pull into the parking lot. Our dress is casual, we’re not bothered in the least if someone spills a little coffee in our gathering room, and we believe in letting our kids be kids.

We aren’t a perfect church. We don’t have a perfect staff. But we do have a perfect mission and we do serve a perfect God, who is transforming us into men and women who want to make his name famous in Van Zandt County and throughout the world.