Welcome to re:generation

re:generation focuses on Christ and invites you to engage with scripture, ultimately finding freedom from addictive behaviors, compulsive thinking and sinful patterns. At some level, we all experience brokenness. At re:generation, we believe that people can experience growth and new life by working through the healing path God has given us in the Bible. 

re:generation recovery puts Christ at the center of all healing and relies solely on God’s word as its authority and counsel. We are an authentic community of Christ-followers, relentless in helping each other experience intimacy with the Lord, and are committed to glorifying our God through regenerated lives. 

What is re:generation?

Re:generation is a biblically-based 12-step program designed to call people to become fully devoted followers of Christ. Our experience and prayer is that you will find healing.

Whether you are struggling with substance abuse, codependency, pornography, eating disorders, depression, emotional/physical abuse, same sex attraction, anger or obsessive thoughts—or if you are just stuck in a particular area of life, come as you are and find that God wants to heal you and give you hope. 

When does re:generation ministry meet?
Re:generation recovery meets every Monday from 7:00-9:00pm on the Wills Point Campus. The ministry has a launch point, so while you can join the large group time, you will need to register for the next session beginning in late July/August of 2022. 

Is childcare available?
Childcare is available, but only for participants who are currently in step groups.

Is there a registration cost?

There is no initial cost to register for re:generation. However, if you decide to be a part of the ministry, we ask all participants to cover the cost of materials and their step study books.

Throughout the recovery process, their will be 5-6 different books required. Each book is $15 each.  

What can I expect?
Each Monday at 7pm, participants meet in the auditorium for a time of worship, testimonies, or step teachings for approximately 30-45 minutes. At the conclusion of large group time, participants will dismiss to their small groups. Newcomers will be directed where to go and you will be introduced to the recovery ministry and how to take next steps if you decide this is the place for your recovery to begin. 

How long will my recovery process last?
Once you have committed to the recovery process you will attend Groundwork (small group) for 6-12 weeks to establish trust and to develop a new routine of doing daily work. After you have completed Groundwork you will be placed in a Step group where you begin working through and applying the 12 steps.

All groups are separated by gender and are not grouped by specific issues. In re:generation, instead of grouping people specifically, we have chosen to focus on our harmful patterns and the root of all of our challenges, which is sin. (Romans 3:10, 23; 6:23)

For more information, check out regenerationrecovery.org