Stonepoint Church Women’s Ministry is a resource for women as they grow in faith and seek fellowship full of love and acceptance.

Becoming the woman Christ wants you to be is a journey, and with this ministry it offers many opportunities for guidance and support. Including women only bible studies, mentoring programs and ways to get involved in the church and community.

Women's journey groups

We are a community of authentic, like-minded women who help and support each other as we seek to find our purpose spiritually and personally. True ministry begins when women know God’s Word and how to use it in practical daily situations.  

Through these groups, we hope that women will discover who they are in Christ, discern God’s purpose for their lives and be refreshed experiencing God in a new and deeper way.

If you are interested in connecting with other women through a journey group, please click the button below to fill out an interest survey.

featured organizations

Below is list of the ministries and missions organizations featured at the 2017 Empowered conference.