Serve My Community

At Stonepoint, we serve our communities throughout the year with acts of service, at community festivals and with Strategic Partnerships at non-profit organizations that need our help.

Stonepoint Serves

One Sunday each year, we forego our regular worship service by being the hands and feet of Jesus with projects in the area. We have built wheelchair ramps, painted curbs downtown, gates and railings at schools, picked up trash, replaced roofs on houses…in any way we can show God’s love to people in need, not to make Stonepoint Church famous, but to honor Jesus Christ and make Him famous throughout Van Zandt County.

Sonic Drinks
Twice a year we show appreciation to our teachers by serving Sonic drinks to each faculty member and administrator in Wills Point ISD and Edgewood ISD. This small act of kindness has become something many of them look forward to, as we acknowledge the vastly under-appreciated sacrifice and responsibility they have of teaching our children.

For more information on serving in your community, please contact Dick Patterson at

Community Festivals

Stonepoint Church has a booth at the Wills Point Bluebird Festival and Christmas on the Bricks Festival every year, and at the Edgewood Heritage Festival. We reach out to people by serving free popcorn, cotton candy, coffee or hot chocolate, depending on the season, and our church members try to engage their friends and neighbors in spiritual conversations as we serve them. 

Strategic Partners

Stonepoint has also identified some Strategic Partners in the area—non-profit organizations with a like-minded purpose that we support financially and they, in turn, have a place for our members to volunteer as their schedules allow. These Strategic Partners are Manna Food Bank and Hope Pregnancy Resource Center in Canton.

For more information on serving in your community, please contact Dick Patterson at